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15 ice cream delivery options in Toronto

Ice cream delivery in Toronto can be a lifesaver when it comes to comfort food cravings. These ice cream places will get frozen treats to your door, melt-free.

Here is where to get ice cream delivery in Toronto.

Dutch Dreams

Text minimum $30 orders to this classic ice cream shop to get delivery of hand-packed tubs and cones in flavours like strawberry, grape, coconut and mango.

Tom's Dairy Freeze

This old school joint is actually delivering tubs of their pillowy soft serve, even including dips.


Hit up Uber Eats to get ice cream in flavours like avocado lime, rhubarb ginger and pear Riesling from this shop.

Bang Bang

Get the ice cream people line up for delivered in pints in flavours like mint, chocolate, lychee rosewater raspberry and Sam James espresso delivered through Uber Eats.

Ed's Real Scoop

A delivery menu on Uber Eats from this place is limited, but ice cream in simple flavours including burnt marshmallow, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and mint is some of the best in the city.

Death in Venice

Send an email to this gelato shop to get free delivery on a minimum of five pints of gelato for $10.99 each. Flavours might get as wild as corn on the cob or matcha vanilla white chocolate.

Butter Baker

Get pints of ice cream in flavours like vanilla, cassis and passion fruit delivered through this bakery.

The Dessert Kitchen

Ice cream in flavours like durian, chocolate, taro, matcha and Earl Grey is available for delivery from this Asian dessert spot.

Punto Gelato

This traditional shop will get gelato to your door through delivery apps.

El Habanero Churrobar

If you've been craving the way this restaurant combines churros and ice cream, you can now order from them through Uber Eats. They also do milkshakes.


Get cones and half litres of ice cream in flavours like strawberry, maple walnut, vanilla, chocolate and blue cheese from this chocolate shop.

Sweet Jesus

Look to delivery apps to get this chain's popular Bangin' Brownie, Red Rapture and Oh Hungry flavours of ice cream.

La Diperie

There's no need to forego dipped ice cream just because you're staying at home when you order for delivery from this chain.

Eva's Original Chimneys

You can still get pints of ice cream mixed with gourmet toppings from this place known for their chimney cake cones. They even donate a portion of profits to charity and have vegan options.


Multiple delivery apps can get ultra-creamy soft serve topped with honeycomb, cotton candy, jelly beans or mango chunks from this place to your door.

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Jesse Milns at Bang Bang

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