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The best and worst Pizza Pizza locations in Toronto

Pizza Pizza may not make the best pizza in the city, but sometimes it’s the only port in a storm. While these places all essentially deal in hot cardboard circles (though anything’s edible with enough creamy garlic sauce), some locations are way better than others.

Here are some of the best and worst Pizza Pizza locations in Toronto.

Dufferin Mall

Your best bet for Pizza Pizza locations are typically within larger locales such as malls. This one has a pretty good reputation for organization, and with a whole food court of seating surrounding it you can usually find an okay place to sit.

Union Station

This Pizza Pizza has self-serve screens where pizzas can be fully customized, automatically putting it a notch above pretty much all others with sheer novelty alone. The newly designed food court where this Pizza Pizza is located isn’t too shabby in general.

Sports stadiums like Scotiabank Arena

The formula holds true for Pizza Pizza being better when it’s functioning as part of a larger whole, with hot slices at games seemingly way better than delivery from most locations.

Movie theatres like Cineplex

Though popcorn is the stereotypical movie snack, slices of pizza are popular options at lots of theatres too, and the quality of Pizza Pizza products at Cineplex is surprisingly decent.

Bathurst and St. Clair

This place not only gets bonus points for being a standalone Pizza Pizza location on St. Clair West (where there can often be few options especially late at night), but also for boasting a super cute Google review by the son of a former staff member.

Queen and John

The service at this Queen West location is just notoriously bad.

Queens Quay

Though there are some positive reviews online for this location across from the Harbourfront Centre there are lots of bad ones too, including complaints about the service— even from people living in the very building above it.

Spadina and Bloor

It seems the high traffic and high level of drunkenness of customers passing through this Annex Pizza Pizza location allow it to get away with even higher levels of grime and poor service.

Gerrard and Jones

This location has a reputation for poorly made pizza, some pretty slow service and badly maintained conditions.

Queen and Broadview

A fight that broke out at this Riverside location of Pizza Pizza will likely tarnish its reputation for some time to come but they just renovated the interior so there's hope.

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