meatpacking district toronto

This is where to get the freshest meat in Toronto

Toronto's old meatpacking district is primarily known for one thing: the processing and packing of meat—obviously. 

But the industrial Stockyards area by St. Clair and Weston Road, and the processing plants that have long resided there, don't just send their cuts of meat to faraway grocery stores: they also sell their own goods on site. 

meatpacking toronto

Stop 33 Meat Shoppe is trailer operated by St. Helen's slaughterhouse selling cheap meat.

Brave the occasionally rancid scent of slaughter just north of St. Clair and you'll find a hidden treasure on the property of St. Helen's Meat Packers Ltd. selling some of the freshest meat in the city. 

Sitting between two of St. Helen's plants is a small roadside trailer on Gunns Road: Stop 33 Meat Shoppe.

meatpacking toronto

The meat sold here is brought in fresh daily and comes at incredibly low prices.

Inside this unassuming spot, you'll find an assortment of beef, chicken, and turkey cuts at ridiculously low prices, delivered fresh daily from the heart of the neighbouring plants. 

Here, a package of ground chicken goes for $3. For three steaks, it's just $12. Chicken leg quarters will only set you back $3.28 per kilogram. And if you're looking for halal, just ask the cashier: there's a number of options there too. 

meatpacking toronto

The store is a popular spot for workers of the meat processing plants next door. 

At nearly half the price of competing meat shops, Stop 33 is open to the public every day, year-round. And it's a popular spot for employees of St. Helen's to drop by before or after work to bring home: unsurprising, since it's owned by St. Helen's itself. 

meatpacking toronto

Mrs. Ms Grill is another popular pitstop for those in the area looking for fresh meat. 

And if you want to get the full meatpacking experience before heading home with your penny-pinching haul, head next door to Mrs. Ms Grill. 

The food truck is a lunchtime favourite for meatpacking plant workers who didn't happen to bring their own lunch that day. They serve up hot bites like Philly cheesesteaks and corned beef sandwiches for just $4.99 each, using the same fresh meat from next door. 

meatpacking toronto

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