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The top 10 restaurants in Koreatown

Restaurants in Koreatown are go-to places for gojuchang-doused bibimbap and pork bone soup. While there are a few non-Korean gems on this stretch of Bloor, they run in the same vein of serving up classic fare that plays to their traditional origins. 

Here are my picks for the top restaurants in Koreatown. 

Sunrise House

On weekends, this tiny little restaurant draws lines of people excited to order all the traditional Korean dishes you can think of. All at incredibly affordable prices. It's always packed, so line up before you're in hangry mode.

Korean Village

It's no surprise this cosy restaurant has some of the best bibimbap and pork bone soup in the city, they've been cooking up Korean favourites since 1978. 

Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu

If you're a tofu fan, hit up this Koreatown classic which has six versions of tofu that range from plain to extra spicy. There's only nine menu items here, which cuts down your decision-making minutes and increases food-devouring time. 

Tacos El Asador

Serving tacos from the edge of Koreatown, this Salvadoran spot is another Christie staple. Corn tortillas here are made from scratch and sold for cheap in lowkey neighbourhood digs. 

Hoja Luwei

The broth used for the Taiwanese noodles here are pre-cooked for seven hours, making it one of the tastiest bowls of noodles on this street. This spot also offers popular Taiwanese street desserts like wheel cakes and bubble tea, all served in a playful space.  

Home of Hot Taste

Korean fried chicken might be all the rage right now, but Hot Taste has been doing it for years with light, flaky chicken that's less batter-heavy than some other options out there. 


Apparently this is one of the few spots in Toronto with a real yakitori grill, which naturally makes it the undisputable go-to for your favourite Japanese grilled eats. 

Barrio Coreano

Mexican and Korean fusion might sound like an arbitrary combination, but it works well here. Dishes like tacos with kimchi and kalbi beef sandwiches make Barrio a good spot for a trendier night out in the area.

The Owl

An independent offshoot of what used to be part of the Owl of Minerva chain, this rogue 24-hour restaurant is the place to grab a pork bone soup after a night out.

Lim Ga Ne

This comfy spot is just another traditional Korean go-to. If you want dependably good dishes, head here. They're also known for their Soon Dae Gook (blood sausage) if you feel like straying from the norm. 

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Hector Vasquez of Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu

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