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The top 5 Japanese brunch in Toronto

Japanese brunch in Toronto is a great way to switch things up on the weekend. Order regular pancakes with an Asian twist, replace homefries with korokke, and level up your coffee with a matcha latte instead.

Here are my picks for the top Japanese brunch in Toronto. 


Sticky rice mochi pancakes at this Beaches spot are served in true yoshoku fashion (Western-inspired Japanese cooking), coming in flavours like nutella banana and mixed berry. Omelettes are doused in sauce and laid out over your choice of chicken, beef, or veggie fried rice.


This beautiful brunch spot in Kensington market does the fluffiest souffle pancakes around. Topped with fruits and whipped cream, stacks of three come in flavours like custard, matcha, or sandwiching bacon and eggs with hollandaise sauce. 

J’s Apron

Fusing Italian and Japanese eats, this Harbord Village restaurant does a stellar eggs Benny with Hawaiian pulled pork. If you really want to stray from typical brunch fare, order the J's Osaka, which is six pieces of fresh, pressed sushi. 


This Kensington cafe rolls up a unique Japanese omelette that you won't find elsewhere. Thin layers of egg are wrapped around bacon, cheddar, veggies, sour cream and sriracha to create the brunch food you didn't know you needed. 


The okonomoyaki is exactly as fun as it sounds: bacon and egg pancakes are decked out with Japanese BBQ sauce, kewpie mayo and nori for a totally unique experience. This Markham restaurant also has poke bowls to sub for your boring ol' servings of oatmeal. 

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