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The top 15 beer delivery services in Toronto

Beer delivery in Toronto can be a godsend. While not all of these services guarantee quick turnaround times, until The Beer Store starts delivering (right now you can only pre-order online), these are your best bets.

Here are my picks for the top beer delivery services in Toronto.

Delivery Services

Always Bottle Delivery

Get everything you know and love from The Beer Store delivered to your door. You can fill out an online form or call to get brews within one hour, as promised on their website. It's cash-only for this one. The

Beer Guy

Delivery in under two hours is what this service advertises. It has over 100 drivers, features a handy party drink calculator, and often has product sales of its own.

Beer Liquor Delivery

Pick what you want from the Beer Store and this service, which accepts various payment types, will deliver it in under an hour. Delivery fees start at $9 and just like its name, it's pretty straightforward.

Dial 4 Bottle

This service charges a $6.99 delivery fee and will deliver booze and convenience store items for free. It accepts all forms of payment (including Paypal!) and also delivers straight from the Beer Store.

Fast Delivery Service

From 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. (11:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday) order online or by phone with no minimum orders necessary. It promises one hour delivery and accepts cash only.

Home Delivery Canada

You can either order online or call this service, which also delivers straight from The Beer Store. It delivers all across the GTA during Beer Store hours and takes cash or credit cards.

Max Alcohol Delivery

Like many of its cohorts, Max takes all forms of payment, offers one hour delivery and operates during Beer Store hours. It charges $8 plus 10 per cent of the cost of your order.

Toronto Dial-a-Bottle

The original since 1985, this Toronto fave will take your empties (just warn them in advance) and deliver straight from The Beer Store. It takes take Interac and credit cards, charges the same price as the stores with a delivery fee of $9.

Cool Beer

While Cool Beer isn't the finest ale in the market, it definitely does the trick when you need a beer fix. It delivers all over the GTA, but be warned: orders under $150 will be charged an additional $16.95 delivery fee. You have to place an order online and they require 24 hour notice.

Great Lakes Brewery

Thanks to a service called Penguin Fresh, you can get this local brew delivered to your doorstep. . This one is for non-urgent orders because it promises next day delivery.

Collective Arts Brewery

You probably know this Hamilton Brewery for its gorgeously designed labels and its partnerships with bands. It'll deliver to your home (if you live in Ontario) in about a week's time.

Half Hours on Earth

This brewery will ship anywhere in Ontario once a week on Mondays. It's a small brewery located in Seaforth, and you'll need an account to sign in and order its craft beer.

Steam Whistle

Steam Whistle might be the big party experts, but it delivers more than just kegs. It'll deliver 24 packs of bottles, cans and tall cans starting at $47.95 with a three-case minimum and operates within regular business hours.



This New York-based app is now available in Toronto and works with local beer delivery services to get you your booze. It charges a $10 delivery fee.


There's a $35 minimum for an order from this online grocery store delivery service. Depending on where you live, you can get your booze in about an hour.

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