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The top 10 Hong Kong style waffles in Toronto

Hong Kong-style waffles in Toronto are the fluffy, bubbly, creations you’ve been seeing all over IG. This traditional egg waffle has been around for years, but a recent resurgence has seen these HK creations sandwiching ice cream and stuffed with delicious flavours.

Here are my picks for the top Hong Kong style waffles in Toronto.

Golden Bubbles

The famous waffle shop from Hong Kong has just opened its first location in Toronto — on Midland, specifically — where matcha-lovers can now indulge in bubble tea-flavoured waffles filled with delicious scoops of ice cream.

Bang Bang Ice Cream

Are the lineups long here? Yes. Is the London Fog ice cream delicious? Absolutely. Now add a scoop of it to a Hong Kong waffle instead of a cone and you have a summer treat that might be worth waiting in line on Ossington for.

Toast Delight

A Markham classic, this egg waffle specialty store takes the HK creations to the next level with savoury stuff like the mac ‘n’ cheese pizza waffle or a waffle topped with ramen. If that’s not really up your alley, they’ve also got deluxe dessert waffles with red bean ice cream.

One Pear

It seems this cafe selling Hong Kong street eats has upped their bubble waffle game with an improved recipe that nails the fluffy-to-crispy ratio well. 

Dessert Kitchen

It’s all about Asian desserts at this minimalist spot in Harbord Village. Aside from milk teas and little cakes, they also have the Japadog — a sausage in an egg waffle — and soft serve encased in a soft bubbly sandwich.

This Ossington spot mixes Asian faves with American flavours — case and point, the Taiwanese fried chicken on HK-style egg waffles, served with pure Quebec maple syrup. Another adventurous twist: a matcha green tea waffle with over easy eggs, bacon, and honey drizzle.


The milk tea served in light bulb cups may be the main attraction at this spot on Finch, but the Hong Kong-style waffles are equally deserving of attention. Crispy and fluffy, you can get them with matcha and sesame.

Phoenix Restaurant

There’s a whole menu of bubble waffles at this Hong Kong-style cafe with locations in Markham and Scarborough. They have ice cream flavours like black sesame, green tea and mango, and savoury waffles stuffed with tuna (yep), minced pork and seaweed or beef and cheese.

Woofles and Cream

One of the first people doing savoury egg waffles in the city, this food stall in Markham’s New Kennedy Square started off with cool creations like the lap cheung (Chinese sausage) waffle and has since expanded to charcoal soft serve and matcha-filled creations.  

Kaboom Chicken

The fried chicken monstrosities at this Riverside restaurant can be ordered on Hong Kong-style egg waffles for an Asian-inspired take on chicken and waffles. You can order the bubble waffle by itself or with two pieces of fried chicken.

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Hector Vasquez at Golden Bubbles

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