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10 hidden bars in Toronto with secret entrances and where to find them

Hidden bars in Toronto have been popular spots for those seeking a secret little place to drink. Usually hidden from plain sight and often only heard about through word of mouth, these secrets are probably best not kept to yourself.

Here are some hidden bars to seek out in Toronto.

Sous Sol

Located in the basement of the historic C.H. Gooderham House under Maison Selby, Sous Sol is a tiny little bar hidden behind a literal wall. It has fringe lamp shades and velvety couches with interesting cocktails and a pretty extensive food menu.

Cold Tea on Queen

During the day, this location is Hot Dip sandwich shop, which serves a delicious variety of sandwiches with a variety of dips. At night, it turns into Cold Tea, one of the hottest clubs in Toronto, previously located in Kensington Market.

Vatican Gift Shop

A cool music venue right next to Little London Barbershop, Vatican Gift Shop is unsuspecting and fairly normal-looking from the street. But this bar has a not-so-subtle Roman Catholic Church vibe with great cocktails and good pizza right in Leslieville.

Mahjong Bar

While it might look like a little bodega as you walk by on Dundas West, with cans and candy available for purchase, through the keyhole-shaped doorway is a very stylish cocktail bar with a Chinese-inspired menu.

Hidden Bar Toronto

It's never a bad night at Mahjong Bar. Photo by Hector Vasquez.

The Gift Shop

Located in the back of Barber & Co. in Lower Ossington, the Gift Shop is a bright speakeasy that was converted from an art studio and is great for a quiet drink with friends. Along with its lavish cocktails, you're also able to purchase the collectibles that decorate the space.


Definitely not a name or a place you can easily find on Google, but what would be the fun if it was too easy? This hidden speakeasy is only accessible if you talk to the staff at Little Sister on Portland.

Hail Mary

Hidden above Track & Field, Hail Mary is a small disco/club space that’s less of a cozy speakeasy and more of a vibrant good time. With a free photobooth, bottle service and shooters you'll actually want to throw back, this is a great place to dance the night away.

Hidden Bar Toronto

Skip lawn games for the ultimate party at Hail Mary. Photo by Hector Vasquez.

Cry Baby Gallery

If going to a hidden bar wasn't giving you enough culture, you can always head to this one hidden behind an art gallery. A well-curated art show that comes with oysters and cocktails is definitely a unique experience.

Bar After Seven

Located within a yogurt shop, After Seven is a Japanese-style bar with a cool hidden door that resembles a vending machine. They offer a Japanese whisky tasting that's curated with chocolate balls that pair with the whiskey. Don't forget to grab the secret password before you get there.

Lead photo by

Fareen Karim at Cry Baby Gallery

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10 hidden bars in Toronto with secret entrances and where to find them

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