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The top 10 hidden bars in Toronto

Hidden bars in Toronto are places you sometimes need to hear about by word of mouth, or discover yourself in the off-chance that you actually notice them when walking by. While many of these secrets are terribly-kept, these places still make for a great spot to get away from the busy clubs.

Here are my picks for the top hidden bars in Toronto.

Vatican Gift Shop

Concealed behind a quaint little gift shop in Leslieville is this secret watering hole. After finding your way through the door, you'll find yourself in a dimly-lit speakeasy with beer, pizza, and other staples.

Mahjong Bar

If you don't know Dundas West spot is there, you'll probably walk right past it. Mahjong specializes in wontons, crispy pork, and solid drink choices.


What started as a small takeout spot blossomed into a second restaurant with a secret bar in the back. This Ossington fixture can fill you up with delicious Carribbean as well as give you a stiff drink with a nice jerk seasoning rim.

Bar Batavia

This sultry cocktail bar is found above Little Sister near Yonge and Eglinton. Just go up the stairs to sip on refined cocktails and chow down on Dutch-Indo snacks in a dimly-lit intimate setting.

Cold Tea

There's a doorway inside Kensington Mall with a single red light above it that reveals this popular Kensington Market bar. Here you'll find the bartenders making specialty cocktails based on your liquor preferences, with a patio outside that's always packed in the summer.


This secretive spot can be found on an upper level of Baro. There’s an elevator to get up there, but you’ll have to know the password to sample the cocktails and take Instagram shots of the, 'Pablo loves you' neon sign.

The Gift Shop

Find this bar at the back of Barber & Co., a men’s barber shop on Ossington. Here you can drink some beer and cocktails, even if you have no interest in getting a cut.


Above Dailo on College, LoPan is a quaint second floor bar that you won't find on your radar unless you know it's there. Its sophisticated décor is the prime setting for a late night spent sipping cocktails and snacks.


In the alley behind Superpoint on Ossington there’s a door marked simply SP184. Step through the door and find yourself in a bare-bones industrial hangout where music, booze and pizza will keep you entertained throughout the evening.

The Cloak

Inside Marben on Wellington, this bar is entered through a doorway marked by a neon sign and then a flight of steps. Sip on cocktails while enjoying the speakeasy vibe.

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Hector Vasquez at Mahjong Bar

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