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Bar After Seven

Bar After Seven is a Japanese-style bar hidden inside of a yogurt shop that you need a password to enter into. 

Head over to Kome Yogurt and tell the barista or host at the front that you want an order number eight.

after seven torontoThen, a door that resembles a vending machine magically opens and all of a sudden, you're inside Bar After Seven's refined, minimalist interior. 

after seven toronto

Shades of nude cover the walls and rows of seating offering a warm atmosphere that's inviting and relaxing with lo-fi style music setting the mood. 

after seven torontoThis isn't the type of bar where you'll be fighting with elbows to get to the counter and slam back a vodka cran. 

after seven torontoA night at Bar After Seven is all about being present with the beverage in front of you and having a curated experience by bartenders who guide you through the drink menu. 

after seven torontoTheir recommendations will almost always start with something light and fruity, then move into medium- to bold-tasting alcohol, then land at the heavy sets of Japanese whiskies they offer. 

after seven torontoOwner Andy Shi says it took him and a team of bartenders from Japan eight months to curate the drink menu here. 

after seven torontoShi mentions that he hardly saw any Asian specialty bars in Toronto and wanted to offer his guests an experience in nightlife that was less westernized. 

after seven torontoWhen we sat down, a small bowl of nuts and water was brought over to the table to start warming up our palettes. The first cocktail comes shortly after this.

after seven torontoThe High Tea ($27.00) arrives to the table in the form of a porcelain cat tea pot, that's hand-painted from Japan. 

after seven torontoPour the pot and a mixture of VSOP Cognac, yuzu, and earl grey tea comes out, creating a light and citrusy taste to the overall drink. You can snack on the amaretti almond cookie that comes with it. 

after seven torontoThe Yuzu Sour ($18.00) is humming with notes of elder flower, black sugar, and yuzu of course. Bourbon is the base for this drink which makes it bold in flavour, plus shaken egg whites create a rich foam that you taste with each sip. 

after seven torontoA highball is a popular alcoholic drink option in Japan, you can find them being served in Izakayas.

The Matcha Highball ($17.00) incorporates Japanese whisky, matcha powder, citrus, honey and tonic. It's bitter on the first sip, but it gets better as you move through it once the citrus and honey notes get in there. 

after seven torontoOne of the most unique experiences at Bar After Seven come in the form of Japanese Whisky sets. They have three options varying between light, medium and heavy flavours, and the whisky rotates seasonally. 

after seven toronto Similar to how champagne is served with caviar, chocolate balls come with the whisky here.

They're made by Mary's Brigadeiro, and each flavour compliments the level of whisky you sip, meant to tie in to the whole tasting experience. 

after seven torontoThe exit of Bar After Seven sits on the side of the building, another discreet addition to the speakeasy feel of the whole place. 

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Bar After Seven

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Bar After Seven

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