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The top 10 bakeries that supply coffee shops in Toronto

Ever wonder who makes those delicious treats at your local café? If it isn't the shop itself it's probably one of these bakeries . Some, like Bunner's, Rahier and OMG, function as their own storefront bakeries, while others like Circles and Squares are bigger, strictly-wholesale operations. A gal like Cookie Martinez exists somewhere in the middle, wholesaling to some coffee shops while maintaining the occasional market booth and a container at Market 707.

Whether it's muffins, croissants, biscotti, biscuits or cinnamon buns, these bakeries know their stuff, and what makes the coffee crowds go wild.

Here are my picks for the top bakeries that supply coffee shops in Toronto.

Circles and Squares
If there is one bakery in responsible for the prevalence of the tulip muffin in Toronto café shelves and in customers' guts, it's Circles and Squares. They supply all of the Dark Horse locations as well as places like 9 Bars on St. Clair and Early Bird on Queen, but it's really just the tip of the iceberg. These baked goods are everywhere.

Bunner's may be vegan and gluten-free but that doesn't stop them from supplying tons of coffee shops in Toronto with nary a peep of complaint from customers. Their products, particular the cinnamon buns are so good, businesses like Crema, Kupfert and Kim, and Fahrenheit keep coming back for more.

Queen B Pastry
Also gluten and dairy-free, Queen B Pastry supplies cello-wrapped cookies, muffins and cakes to coffee shops like Broadview Espresso, Café Pamenar, and all of the Crema, Dark Horse and Jimmy's locations. Now that's what you call a bakery empire.

La Bamboche
La Bamboche Patisserie makes damn fine croissants, some of the best in the city, which is why a coffee empire owner as discerning as Sam James would carry them in all of his SJCB locations.

It's almost ten years that Jules Café Patisserie has been on Mount Pleasant with neighbours flocking to the French-style bakery. Luckily, if you can't make it there they also supply cafes like Jimmy's and Rooster.

Desmond and Beatrice
If cupcakes are your thing with coffee you'll want to be on the lookout for Desmond and Beatrice at your local café. They make wonderful cupcakes, brownies, cookies and more, and supply Rustic Owl amongst others.

Cookie Martinez
Organic cookies with a Latin twist? Yes, please! You can find Cookie Martinez's delicious treats (like guava cookies, Triple "D" brownie and Alfajores) at Haven Espresso, Stasis, Depanneur, and The Slow Room.

Exquisite French pastries are a natural go-to with coffee, and Rahier has some of the best. Places like Contra Café and Miss Lily's take the guesswork out of pastry, buying Rahier frozen croissants and baking them on site.

OMG Baked Goodness
OMG Baked Goodness offers tons of delicious sweet treats for wholesale, but perhaps none is more famous than their vegan chocolate cupcakes, a funny accolade for a bakery that is not all vegan. The Green Beanery, Café Nervosa, and Jimmy's Coffee supply OMG in their cafes, often with both the vegan and non-vegan treats.

Glory Hole Doughnuts
Donuts and coffee are thee classic combination, who doesn't love a dunker? Glory Hole Doughnuts are some of the best dunkers in the city, and you can find them (while supplies last) at Crema, Early Bird, and Thor Espresso.

Did I miss any? Leave your favourite Toronto bakery that supplies cafes in the comments.

Photo of Desmond & Beatrice by Jesse Milns.

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