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The top 10 custom cookies in Toronto

Custom cookie bakers in Toronto are capitalizing on the popularity of the sugar cookie as the latest confectionery craze. If you're savvy on social media, you'll notice that from Instagram to Pinterest, decorating sugar cookies has evolved into a serious art form. With her popular book, Decorating Cookies, American blogger Bridget Edwards has been a trailblazer in getting people to play as much attention to cookies as they do to cake.

Now, many bakers and confectionary artists specialize only in cookies. As with many things, Toronto's been a bit tardy in catching on with the times; there are only a handful of Toronto artists that focus solely on cookies, but there's a good batch that can do some awesome things with butter and sugar. (Keep this list on hand for your next big party - they'll be talking about those cookies for weeks.)

Here are my picks for the top custom cookie bakers in Toronto.

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The Sweetest Tiers
The Sweetest Tiers is a Toronto-based Etsy store focusing on made-to-order cookies. Owner Anna's use of glitter sets her creations apart; she also uses icing transfers to make flowers and bows, creating a cool raised effect. Her most popular cookies are her golden monogram cookies, which also make use of her signature icing transfer technique. Bonus: she can also make red velvet sugar cookies with real cream cheese icing (plus detailed designs on top).

Hello Baked
Hello Baked's Jessica Lee prides herself on designer cookies - all it takes is one look at her Instagram feed to see why. The attention to detail is incredible - for example, just have a look at her recent bride-to-be cookies. They look like a fashion illustration, and the detailing with gold icing just elevates the cookies to a whole new level of chic. As an added bonus, Jessica maintains a regular blog keeping her customers and followers in the loop on the latest in cookie trends.

Decadent Cookie Favours
Decadent Cookie Favours' signature style consists of criss-cross patterns, bows, polka dots and soft colours. Their sophisticated aesthetic will suit almost any occasion but if elegant is not what you're looking for, they also produce work outside of their signature style. Just like any other cookie decorator, Decadent Cookie Favours can whip up amusing custom cookies upon request, like pizza slices or a box of crayons.

Dolce is another Etsy shop based out of Toronto specializing in custom cookies (and with their glowing reviews, it's a good bet that you'll be satisfied, too). Cookies are organized into various themes and are sold by the dozen. Apart from clean work, you can expect a touch of whimsy at Dolce - check out their spa-themed cookies to see what I mean. If you're looking for a theme not seen on the page, custom orders are definitely possible.

The Cocoa Cakery
The Cocoa Cakery's amazing work extends beyond just cakes. Christina, the owner, sets herself apart with her hand-painting skills, which give her cookies a watercolour effect. The Cocoa Cakery also surprises with unique cookie designs - how neat are these handpainted breakfast-themed cookies,

Bake Them Pretty
Sometimes when someone can make pretty awesome cakes, you can trust that they can make some pretty awesome cookies too. Tolinda Trinh started off as a self-taught cake artist and has fulfilled many unique requests for cake orders. She's since expanded to other confectionary arts and recently opened up Bake Them Pretty, a full service custom sweets shop on Harbord. She describes herself as a perfectionist, and it shows in her carefully detailed work.

Pretty Sweet
In the past while, Pretty Sweet has enjoyed quite a bit of (well-deserved) press coverage. What started off as a small business evolved into a popular GTA food truck by the same name and now a brick and mortar cupcake shop, the Pursuit of Frosting, on Eglinton West. Along with cakes and cupcakes, Pretty Sweet specializes in decorated cookies. I had the pleasure of having one of her decorated cookies at a bridal shower; not only was it perfectly adorable, it was buttery heaven.

Made With Luv Cakes
Made With Luv Cakes don't just do cakes as their company name might suggest. They offer a wide range of sweet services that include dessert tables and the likes. Their cookies are really quite unique though. Reminiscent of cameo brooches, their signature cookies feature things like colourful gems (yep, these jewelled cookies are edible) and Victorian roses - both of which are made from chocolate. To finish off the era inspired look, the cookies are embellished with delicious looking golden icing.

Mad Batter Bakers
Known for years around the GTA for their gingerbread, Mad Batter Bakers offers cookies for all occasions. Their cookies have a home-made look, which is fitting for them, since people often tell them that their cookies have become a family tradition in their homes. If you're looking for something cute and simple - or craving awesome gingerbread - Mad Batter Bakers are the ones to call.

Located in the Junction, iBakery's owner Jackie stands apart for her amazing illustration skills; from Yoda to Monsters Inc., she can brilliantly replicate popular characters. Her skill set doesn't end there though. Armed with a steady hand, she also creates beautiful, handcrafted, custom logos for businesses with careful attention to lettering.

What did I miss? Add your favourite custom cookie company to the comments.

Writing by Manal Aman. Photo of Pretty Sweet by Rowell Photography.

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