Chinese restaurants Scarborough

The top 10 Chinese restaurants in Scarborough

The top Chinese restaurants in Scarborough really know how to wok it up. Impressive, considering the vicious competition they face in an area where Chinese businesses abound. Each of them has their own style and price range, and most importantly, they’re consistent.

Here are my picks for the top Chinese restaurants in Scarborough.

Chung Moi

This restaurant sits in a plaza on Eglinton East and has been serving up Hakka dishes for over 20 years. Indian-Chinese favourites here include their chilli chicken and a masala fried rice which you’ll struggle to top elsewhere.

Sam Woo BBQ

Located in the Bamburgh Circle Plaza next to a giant grocery store, this restaurant has long been a pit stop for group meals and get togethers in Scarborough. Traditional peking ducks and pork is a staple meal, but any of their set course meals will satisfy too.

Asian Legend (Scarborough)

Despite being a chain restaurant, Asian Legend is well-loved by the community. Something about this brand’s interior design makes all of their restaurants extra loud, but the hustle and bustle is well-worth the consistent quality of their traditional Northern cuisine.

Mr. Congee

The exterior of this restaurant is pretty sad, but it has a simple congee that goes well with their abundance of fresh toppings. Head to Bridlewood Mall and try a bowl of their soothing congee.

Maple Yip

When you see neon window signs and lucky cat statues, you know it’s going to be good. This restaurant on Sheppard right off of Midland serves some of the most authentic Cantonese food around. Try their sweet and sour pork and dishes of chicken stuffed with sticky rice.

Fishman Lobster Clubhouse

A mecca for lobster lovers, this restaurant knows its strength and plays it well. As with most seafood, it can get pricey here, but in return you’ll get bulking plates of all your favourite crustaceans. Dig in as the other lobsters watch from the confines of their tanks, you savage.

Very Fair

Besides having a great name, this restaurant is perfect for big group banquets. Very Fair has set meals for up to ten people including 11-dish dinners that include suckling pig platters and steamed seasonal fish.

Perfect Chinese Restaurant

The most important thing about this place is that it’s open 24 hours, which means you can enjoy their pork buns during daytime dimsum and also pig out on their delicious soft shell crab in the wee hours of the night.

Potman Hotpot

Unlike most hot pot restaurants, Potman doesn't have an AYCE menu. Instead, you orrder a la carte in assorted platters of meat and veggies. They also offer premium American and Japanese wagyu beef.

Hakka Legend

Many Hakka loyalists swear by this restaurant. It has four locations, with two in Scarborough. Both the spots on Warden and Ellesmere serve up Manchurian-style dishes and fun plates called the Sizzling Bollywood Chicken. 

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Hector Vasquez of Chung Moi

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