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Potman Hotpot

Potman Hotpot is a hot pot restaurant not like the others simply because it's not AYCE. Dining here is strictly off the menu and you only pay for what you order. 

Potman HotpotThe massive restaurant sits in a spot previously occupied by a Boil Bar. Space is a good thing since hot pot can get steamy.

Potman HotpotThere's a good variety of soup bases here, and you can also combine multiple flavours in a two-flavour pot ($5.99 for small, $9.99 for large).

Potman HotpotThe Spicy Olive Oil Soup and House Special Coconut Soup is a combination of sharp peppery spice and earthier-sweeter flavours.

Potman HotpotDipping sauces are key, and you can order pretty much a whole smorgasbord of them here (49 cents per person). I like the Homemade Sesame Paste, Homemade Spicy Sauce, and Sesame Oil with a touch of Parsley.Potman Hotpot

Since everything is a la carte, take advantage of Potman’s platters. These are mixed servings of meat, seafood, or veggies and offer a great value for your dollar. Fantastically shareable, and easy on the wallet.

Potman HotpotThe Seafood Platter ($10.99) are a combination of surf clams, mussels, squid rolls and baby cuttlefish to name a few.

Potman HotpotFor veggie lovers, the Mushroom Platter ($8.39) features king oyster and enoki mushrooms.

Potman HotpotDon't miss the Meat Platter ($7.99) which comes with thin slices of assorted pork, beef and lamb.

Potman HotpotFor a bit of a splurge, the Premium US Wagyu ($13.99 for 6 oz) is tender and highly satisfying.

Potman HotpotThe crème de la crème though, is the Top Grade Japanese Wagyu ($50 for 5 pieces). While it's pricey, the melt-in-your-mouth sensation might be worth it for some. In fact, it may just ruin other cuts of meat for you forever.

Potman HotpotThe House Special Tofu Bag ($5.99 for 6 pieces) may sound strange but is worth an order. Minced shrimp meat is stuffed into delicately tied tofu skin. Once cooked, the slightly sweet flavours become more pronounced.

Potman HotpotIt wouldn’t be hot pot without an assortment of juices. I like the kiwi, watermelon, and pear juices ($3.50 per glass or $6.99 per pitcher). The perfect yin to the hot pot’s yang.

Potman Hotpot

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