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The top 5 wine delivery services for Toronto

The top five wine delivery services in Toronto (and beyond) are a different breed than your generalist alcohol delivery options. Even if they deal mostly in beer and liquor, places like Dial-A-Bottle will source wine from the LCBO for delivery, but the service is obviously geared for those in a pinch rather than those looking to try out new or interesting wine. We've rounded up some of your better booze delivery options in the past, so it's time to shed light on some of the better places you can buy wine online and have it delivered to your door.

Most of these places sell in minimum three bottle lots, but that's a pretty good way to buy wine anyway. You can try one bottle right away, and then let the other's sit around for a bit if you think you've got something age-worthy on your hands.

Winery to Home
Winery to Home is one of the best ways of explore Ontario wines without heading to Niagara or Prince Edward County. It's amazing how many of the fantastic wines being produced in our backyard never make it onto LCBO shelves, so if you're interested in what our winemakers are up to, this site is a good bet. Also of note is the wine of month club, which ships out an expertly selected white and red each month for $45. That's not cheap, but it's a good way to get into Ontario wine.

Wine Online
Offering delivery throughout Ontario (and Alberta), Wine Online is basically an web-based wine agent that carries interesting and often high end wines not available at the LCBO. You'll typically have to order by the case (or half case), which will turn a few people off, but this can prove to be useful when you find something that you like for a good price. I've bought a few cases of sub $15 bottles from Wine Online over the years, and I've been happy with their lower priced wines, which are often of higher quality than what you'll find on LCBO shelves.

Wine this Week
This is another site designed to highlight Ontario wines. Although it might sound like a weekly wine club, the idea is merely that they add a new wine each week to their inventory of bottles on offer. The selection is as extensive as Winery to Home, but there are added features like a taste buds profiler and expert endorsements for select wines, so one doesn't feel like he or she is choosing in the dark. Oh, there's also no minimum bottle order. You might get dinged on shipping, but it's worth mentioning for those who aren't interesting in order a whole lot at a time.

This is another online shop / delivery service that focuses on offering bottles not carried by the LCBO. If you've ever enjoyed a bottle of wine at a restaurant only to find that it's not available at your local liquor store, this could be prove a good place to search. WineWire works with Ontario wine agents to make available wines that you'd typically find on restaurant wine lists, but you'll need to buy by the case or half case (there's quite a few of the latter available). The selection is pretty fantastic if you're into wine, so have a look.

Sommelier Service
OK, this is for the real fanatics, but if you're a wine geek than the thought of having John Szabo select a case of wine on your behalf every month might be very appealing. Cases contain 5 different wines (not found at the LCBO) as well as tasting notes and food pairing suggestions, so you can impress the shit out of all your friends. Prices start at $295 and you can choose to receive cases every one, two or three months.

Thanks to the New Listerine UltraClean for sponsoring our wine-soaked adventures.

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