Super-Size Me (the Healthy Way)

The Big Carrot is revered across the city by... well, by the type of people who probably didn't appreciate my ode to veal sandwiches.

This super-size health food store/co-op is noted as the largest in Toronto - and possibly Ontario. In addition to a food selection so broad it'll make even the most militant vegan sprout tears of joy, there's a healthy number of other departments, including appliances (featuring such gadgets as the "Soyquick Automated Soy Milk Maker" and the "Z-Star Manual Wheatgrass Juicer"), body care, supplements, and books. For shoppers who come hungry, the in-house vegetarian deli and organic juice bar offer more than enough for a nourishing (and delicious) lunch.

For those of you who haven't already been undergone a vegetarian/healthy/earth-friendly life makeover, the Big Carrot doesn't stop with just delivering the goods - they'll educate you, too.

Make an appointment and the in-store nutritionist will guide you through this maze of good-living, helping you to isolate the food groups and products suitable to your dietary needs, all the while answering any questions you may have. And at no cost, I might add.

To take it one-step further, you can attend weeknight lectures (free) and sign up for vegetarian cooking classes (not free). Unfortunately, you'll have to wait until September for these last two events (so maybe you will want to splurge on one last veal sandwich before committing to the new you.)

If you're used to shopping in Kensington or even just at No Frills, the Big Carrot could easily double your grocery bill in one trip. However, it's a fun store to explore, and located in a lovely nook on the Danforth (cutesily called Carrot Common), it's worth a look for even undiscerning eaters.

Interested? Check out their monthly flyer. For more information on the Big Carrot's services, send an email to

The Big Carrot Natural Food Market, 348 Danforth, 416 466 2129

Photo Courtesy of The Big Carrot

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