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Toronto Humane Society warns how to keep pets safe during 2024 solar eclipse

Pets and the solar eclipse is a topic people are wondering about with the once-in-a-lifestime event coming up on April 8.

As humans, we know not to look directly at the sky and to make sure to use protective eyewear when watching the spectacle. Schools are even having a PA day to keep kids safe... but what about pets?

As much as you might believe your puppy dog or kitty cat is smarter than the average furry friend, you can't just tell them not to look up at the sky and expect them to listen, so the Toronto Humane Society has issued some suggestions on protecting your pets during the celestial event.

First and foremost, the best way to protect your animal is by keeping them indoors with any west-facing blinds drawn for the duration of the eclipse, which will be between approximately 2 and 4:30 p.m., and under no circumstances should you encourage your pet to look up.

If you're already outdoors with your pet when the eclipse starts, take that as your cue to head home — not only could accidentally looking up at the sky cause potentially long-term damage, but the sudden night-level darkness can cause stress, confusion and anxiety.

No, your pet didn't pay me to tell you this, but the Humane Society also suggests keeping your pets occupied with toys and treats to distract them from the skies.

The Humane Society also urges all Ontario residents to be on alert when driving during the eclipse, as the sudden darkness and reduced visability can cause wildlife to become disoriented and confused, and they may be more likely to run into the road.

Above all, Dr. Karen Ward, Chief Veterinary Officer at the Toronto Humane Society urges you to "leave your pet at home: If you plan on experiencing the eclipse, leave your pet safe, comfortable, and happy at home, and enjoy the eclipse with human family or friends."

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