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Northern Lights illuminate skies over Ontario amid huge geomagnetic storm

Night owls were treated to a rare surprise on Monday night when the Northern Lights danced across the skies in an unexpectedly strong display that was visible across much of the continent, including Ontario.

Despite initial reports from the U.S. Space Weather Prediction Center calling for a "moderate" geomagnetic storm in the northern U.S. and Canada late Monday into Tuesday, an updated warning was issued early Tuesday morning, noting "strong" geomagnetic activity.

A solar storm, also known as a coronal mass ejection, occurred on Saturday, where, according to The Weather Network, "a massive filament of solar matter peeled away from the Sun and launched into space."

"This cloud of charged particles has been expanding outwards through the inner solar system throughout the weekend."

Photos and videos flooded social media on Tuesday morning, showing the colourful aurora borealis event shimmering hues of green and pink.

Sightings ranged in intensity, with stargazers north and west of the Greater Toronto Area witnessing the most colourful aurora. An absolutely brilliant display was spotted over Caribou Island on Lake Superior.

Even city dwellers were treated to quite the show, like a shot captured from London, Ontario, that shows impressive bands of light glittering over London International Airport.

There were sightings in places like Pinehurst, ON.

โ€ฆan absolutely breathtaking view captured in Port Elgin.

โ€ฆ illuminating barns in rural settings like Perth.

It has been a particularly active year for Northern Lights sightings in Ontario. Monday's dazzling display follows some impressive viewings that occurred in February and March, where similar geomagnetic storms lit up night skies.

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Ross Ellet/Shutterstock

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