northern lights toronto

Dazzling photos show Northern Lights appear over downtown Toronto in rare display

An intense display of the Northern Lights had Ontario sky-watchers gobsmacked overnight Thursday and into Friday morning, but those with trained eyes could even see the magic of the aurora borealis in the heart of Toronto.

Aurora borealis sightings are rare in Toronto, but the strongest solar storm in six years allowed the bright and colourful phenomenon to be viewed as far south as Colorado and New Mexico.

Despite the omnipresent blanket of light pollution that shields Toronto residents from views of the cosmos, night sky viewers were able to spot the colourful visual disturbances in the magnetosphere caused by unusually strong solar winds.

Some took creative liberties in amping up the visual effect of the aurora, which appeared much weaker than areas outside of the GTA's light pollution. This view from King and Sherbourne, as gorgeous as it may be, is likely not even close to what people were seeing with the naked eye last night.

Video captured in the area of Dundas Street East and Don Valley Parkway around 11:30 p.m. Thursday night shows lights faintly fluttering above townhomes.

A blogTO reader in the Dawes and Danforth area shared photos of the scene from out her window.

northern lights toronto

For the unlucky ones who were fast asleep during this stunning light show in the sky, you don't have to go to Nunavut or Iceland to get another chance.

There are still plenty of places in Ontario you can visit where the Northern Lights occur on the regular.

Lead photo by

Sarah McDougall

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