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New Toronto park's pond already looks disgusting just weeks after opening

The centrepiece pond in a Toronto park that opened just a few weeks ago already looks disgusting, because we just can't have nice things in this town.

Love Park has proven to be a smash hit since hosting its official opening on June 23, but less than three weeks later, the park's central heart-shaped pond has deteriorated into what looks more like a slimy green bog than a newly-installed water feature.

Photos of Love Park's central pond have been looking worse and worse over the past several days, and the situation appeared to reach a breaking point on Monday, when the City responded to reports of sickly green water.

blogTO reached out to the City of Toronto seeking an explanation for the water's quick decline from crystal clear to murky green.

A City representative explains that "Waterfront Toronto has made the City aware that a portion of the pond's mechanical (the ozone treatment) is not functioning properly."

"City staff are working alongside both Waterfront Toronto and the contractor to address the issue and ensure the pond returns to working order as soon as possible."

David Capizzano, who shared photos of the pond's condition on Monday morning, says that City crews have since arrived on scene, and a worker was spotted testing the water.

Though the City was not specific about the conditions leading to the green hue of the water, it is likely that an algal bloom was allowed to proliferate unchecked in the absence of the ozone treatment system.

Despite the temporarily gross water, Love Park is proving to be a well-received addition to the downtown core.

Its whimsical design, led by CCxA — the same firm behind Toronto's beloved dog fountain — will likely stand the test of time regardless of whatever minor hiccups it encounters during these first few months.

UPDATE: The City of Toronto provided an additional statement just before 5 p.m. on Monday.

"The commissioning of the Love Park pond is ongoing and will include monitoring over time (the next few weeks), as the bio-filters need time to establish and the ozone treatment is being calibrated."

"Part of the commissioning process is understanding what triggers imbalance and adjusting as required. Some greening is expected to occur during this 'balancing period' and the green shade is expected to subside as final adjustments are made."

"The City and Waterfront Toronto will continue to work with the contractor and pond designer to bring the pond water into balance. This ongoing work will be affected by summer weather condition changes like rain and heat."

Lead photo by

David Capizzano

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