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The TTC just debuted new seats and people have thoughts

New swathes of Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) seats have just arrived and of course, people in Toronto have thoughts.

The TTC is known for many things; perpetually running late, crowded morning buses and subway trains, and, fuzzy carpet-like seats.

Well, it appears a new crew of seats san fuzzy fabric have started rolling out and they are actually generating some positive reactions.

These new plastic seats, recently spotted on a TTC bus, are probably less comfortable than a worn-in bowling alley butt carpet, but perhaps more hygienic?

Many people pointed out that commuters would no longer have to endure pissed-soaked, beer-rinsed or puked-stained fabric chairs anymore - obviously, it's much easier to wipe a plastic seat clean.

Who can forget the sticky, goopy mess left on the back of seats from social distancing warning signs? Stickers on plastic seats would likely wipe off in seconds, without the associated gummy residue.

Fabric seats also don't hold onto smells; like farts, butt sweat or whatever human liquid ultimately ends up on chairs.

While it might be a little trickier for bare thighs in the summer (plastic + human legs + heat = sweaty mess), it's nothing a wet nap can't clean up. 

Some pointed out the funny shape of the seats, resembling a folding flying carpet, but ultimately it seemed that the new butt supports were welcomed.

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