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The TTC has a major problem with constant service disruptions

What's a ride along one of Toronto's subway lines without a little unplanned stop, delay or disorganization? A perfect world? Maybe.

The TTC is known for its less-than-optimal service, but recently a string of delays has been highlighted by one Twitter user in a way which would make even the most seasoned TTC rider pause with alarm.

On Monday, multiple TTC Service Alerts were issued throughout the day for disruptions across the city's subway lines, generating quite a bit of discussion on social media.

For a glimpse into the issues plaguing transit on Monday, there were alerts warning of no service between Vaughan and Pioneer Village, between Ossington and St. George and Wilson and Finch West for "security incidents," including a trespasser on the tracks.

Trains were either held at stations, bypassed them completely or turned back around. 

Mechanical problems and emergency alarms were also to blame for at least two sets of delays on Lines 1 and 2.

While a majority of these issues were fixed in a timely fashion, such regular disruption is what a normal functioning subway network should look like. 

By my count, there were around 14 subway-related alerts issued by the TTC, not counting for disorganization across streetcar and bus routes, of which there were plenty more hiccups in service.

Yet this feels more like par for the course than an unusually high occurrence of outages.

The TTC confirms they did not record an "unusual amount of delay minutes" yesterday and added, "we know any delay is an inconvenience, but when medical or security issues arise on the TTC, they must be responded to."

So how do we fix these pesky and, by the TTC's own words, "usual" delays?

Some might want to see more enforcement, though adding more cops to patrol the TTC probably won't do much — just look at New York City. 

Others suggest more preventative measures like platform screen doors and additional security without a more physical police presence.

And while it seems that less frequent service and more wait times along the TTC are inevitable (alongside a fare increase) as part of the newly-passed City budget, those of us who cannot afford a daily Uber trip will just have to continue putting up with this current state of dishevelment.

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