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Chris Sky calls cops 'losers' as he campaigns for more police in Toronto

Controversial anti-mandate leader and newly-announced Toronto mayoral candidate Chris Saccoccia (known as Chris Sky) had an interesting run-in with local police last week, where he insulted officers shortly after announcing his intention to add more police to city streets and transit lines if elected.

A video making the rounds since April 7 shows Chris Sky in the driver's seat of a vehicle as Toronto Police officers serve him with several pages of tickets.

With his phone on speaker, Sky's lawyer listens in as police list off the offences. Sky attempts to interject, but the lawyer comedically cuts him off, saying, "shut the f**k up," which only manages to silence Sky for a few moments until the police officers walk away — but not out of earshot.

As officers walked away, Sky ranted for his livestream audience, referring to the officers as "crooked crony, piece of garbage cops," and confidently boasting that, "In three months I'll be your boss."

Sky's comments to and about police officers come just a few days after he announced his candidacy in Toronto's upcoming mayoral election, which includes a pledge to…and I promise I'm not making this up…hire more police officers.

"I, Chris Saccoccia, pledge to hire 1,000 more emergency service members. More police officers mean safer streets," said Sky in an April 5 social media post.

By April 7, only two days after pledging to hire more cops, Sky appeared to have formed a very different opinion about law enforcement, referring to police as "losers."

Sky has reportedly been arrested upwards of 25 times, but, as of April 2023, has not been convicted of any criminal charges.

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