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People disgusted over food handling at event to promote Chris Sky as Toronto mayor

Toronto mayoral candidate Chris Saccoccia (also known as Chris Sky) is coming under fire for the questionable handling of food by his staff at an event this past Sunday. 

The video was taken outside Trinity Baptist Church in Scarborough where Sky planned to meet and speak to the community. 

A man in a suit is seen picking up uncooked sausages and moving them to a barbeque grill with his bare hands.

Towards the end of the video, the man is seen opening a bag of buns. Gloves or tools of any kind cannot be seen being used. 

Responses to the video have mainly been of shock and disgust with comments pertaining to the health and safety concerns. 

In fact, the City of Toronto has a detailed guideline online on the requirements for organizers and food vendors of special events.

Some rules include:

  • Avoid cross contamination by using separate plates and/or utensils for raw meat and ready-to-eat food. Raw meat juices can spread bacteria to ready-to-eat food which can cause foodborne illness.
  • Provide at least four sets of wrapped, clean, back-up cooking utensils such as spoons, tongs, ladles and ice cream scoops when a two-compartment sink is not available for washing, rinsing and sanitizing utensils.

It doesn't appear that any rules were followed in this instance.

Sky has drawn many polarizing reactions since announcing his candidacy for mayor.

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