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TTC passengers may have been double-charged en masse due to major Presto error

Transit riders have yet another thing to complain about, as mass reports emerged on Sunday of TTC passengers being double-charged on what should have been free taps using the system's two-hour transfers.

Several social media accounts emerged on Sunday asking whether two-hour transfers had been quietly pulled. The flood of complaints just so happened to coincide with the first day of Daylight Saving Time in 2023. I'll come back to this fact in a minute.

Riders who had woken up to clocks springing forward on Sunday reported being charged a second fare after re-tapping their Presto cards within the two-hour allotted window.

Unfortunately, it appears that a handful of Presto machines had missed the time change memo, and were still reading transfers as one hour earlier than the actual time on clocks.

The TTC relayed to customers that the issue is the result of a faulty firmware update, an issue expected to be corrected on Monday night.

But that hasn't stopped the flood of passengers complaining about paying extra fares.

Presto and Metrolinx have been responding to social media posts, and are assuring customers that anyone who paid an extra fare due to the glitch will be refunded within five days.

One rider even commented about how convenient the TTC's two-hour transfer system is on the same day of the outage, possibly only to get a rude surprise on his Presto bill.

So if you're suddenly wondering why your Presto card needs funds restocked sooner than anticipated, it's just one more reason to be disgruntled about Daylight Saving Time.

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