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Passenger spotted dangerously hanging out of car sunroof on Ontario highway

With spring's arrival, you might be tempted to spend some more time outdoors after a dreary (and long) winter season full of unexpected storms, snow, and sub-zero temperatures. 

Fresh air is definitely an instant mood booster too, but one passenger in Ontario recently took things to new heights when they decided to pop the top half of their body outside a car's sunroof while it was speeding along a highway. 

In a video uploaded by OPP Highway Safety Division on Wednesday, a passenger is seen embracing the fresh breeze over top of the Burlington Skyway. 

"I would suggest what we see in the video is not a good idea, don't be this passenger," the tweet reads.

The clip picked up many concerned reactions on social media, with people calling the move "unbelievable." 

"Not sure if I've seen this episode of 1,000 ways to die," one commenter wrote

"In the event of a collision, that would end so badly. Even if they were rear-ended. They have no clue," another person said

Seatbelt violations aside, poking your head out — or in this instance, half of your body — to catch some fresh air out of a moving vehicle simply isn't worth it in the event of an incident. 

While we understand that spring air is delightful, simply cracking open your window in the future should be enough to suffice. 

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