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Ontario man won $100k but he mostly just wants to spend it on his dog

What's the first thing you would purchase if you won the lottery? Depending on who you ask, their answer might vary drastically. 

While some may be intent on spending their riches to buy themselves a property, luxury cars, or paying off their debt, one Ontario man seems to be set on sharing his spoils with none other than his fur baby. 

Sarkis Mazmanian of St. Catharines, Ont. scored big when he matched the last six of seven ENCORE numbers in the exact order on Feb. 25 to win $100,000. 

The lucky ticket was purchased at Avondale on Cushman Road in St. Catharines.

It seems like all of Sarkis' tireless efforts finally paid off, after he revealed that he plays the lottery twice a week. 

"I always add ENCORE," he said. "This is my first big win. This win feels good, I've always thought about what winning big would feel like." 

Aside from sharing his winnings with his family and friends, Sarkis said that he has one other special recipient in mind. 

"My dog," he laughed. "I will spoil him more than I already do!" 

The odds of winning $100,000 with ENCORE are incredibly tough, with a 1 in 1,111,111 chance. This increases to 1 in 10 million if you're aiming for the top prize of $1 million. 

While it's most certainly everyone's dream to win the lottery one day, we're just happy that one more special four-legged friend in Ontario gets to be extra spoiled. 

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Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation 

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