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Ontario man wins $3 million lottery and all he wants is a Dodge Challenger

After nearly 40 years of playing the lottery, a 56-year-old painter from London, Ontario, just struck it big with a $3 million ticket.

Like many winners (or people who dream of winning the lotto,) Peter Baxted already has plans for at least some of his windfall, including a new house for his family, gifts for his children, investments in his future and a car that retails for just under $40,000.

"I've always wanted the new Dodge Challenger – so now I can treat myself to that," said Baxted when picking up his novelty check at the OLG (Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation) prize centre in Toronto. "I feel so humbled by this incredible win."

While one might think that a newly-minted millionaire would go for a more luxurious vehicle, Baxted isn't just being smart with his money by purchasing a reasonable car — the Challenger is actually a pretty big deal.

"Dodge is resurrecting its controversial muscle car model, the Challenger SRT Demon, as a final special edition of the vehicle before production of the brand’s current V8 engine cars ends later this year," reported NBC this week.

"The limited-edition drag racing car will be the fastest, most powerful version of the Dodge Challenger ever produced by the automaker. It builds upon a 2018 Challenger SRT Demon model that some criticized for being too powerful and barely street legal."

For Baxted, winning the top prize in OLG's INSTANT $3,000,000 PRESTIGE game means he can not only get one of these wild cars (some of which come with an optional parachute system, apparently,) he says he can "share some of this win with my children and invest for our future."

"I like playing INSTANT tickets for the entertainment value," said Baxted, who has been playing the lottery since he turned 18, when picking up his prize.

"I stopped at the store on my way home from a night shift when I bought this ticket. I played it at the store and saw it was a winner right away – I was shocked! I just wanted to run home and tell my wife that our dream came true. I had tears of joy for sure."

That store was a Circle K on Hamilton Road in London, and Baxted rushed straight home from there to tell his wife the good news. She was sleeping at the time, but didn't mind being woken up after learning why her husband had rushed in with so much excitement.

"She was shocked and after seeing my reaction, wondered what was wrong," said Baxted. "Then she was overjoyed and crying happy tears."

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