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Toronto Eaton Centre construction reveals decades old retro floor tiles

Ongoing construction on the Eaton Centre in Toronto has revealed some retro flooring from the mall's past.

While it's not ancient Roman ruins or Emperor Qinshihuang’s Terracotta soldiers, the old tile pattern has returned memories from the mall's early days, before several renovations erased much of its Postmodern feel.

Spotted where the old food court hall and fountain used to be, circular and floral tile patterns in white, black and red have seen the light of day for the first time in a generation again after the more recent white square tiles were removed.

eaton centre floorsThey seem to be in pristine condition, having been shut off from shoppers and stores years ago when they were paved over in new flooring. 

Appearing to date back to the mall's 1977 opening, these tiles have me thinking about the old Druxy's Deli pastrami sandwiches or greasy pizza slices from Sbarro.

eaton centre floorsAccording to the Eaton Centre, renovations on the mall's south end started more than a year ago, in January 2022 and include new flooring. It's part of a massive $77 million reno, which will refurbish the galleria skylight.

But many Toronto residents are saying these floors should be restored, adding more character than any bland or basic white tile could do.

Even with many people appearing to favour the old tiles, I highly doubt retro floral patterns are included in Cadillac Fairview's makeover plans.

The find comes just one year after a similar renovation at the Sheraton Centre Toronto revealed colourful wall tiles in a pedestrian passage that had been hidden and forgotten for decades.

Lead photo by

Fareem Karim

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