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Toronto cop taking heat for arguing with random strangers on social media

Increased police patrols on the TTC, intended to make riders feel safer, appear to be doing exactly as critics predicted and targeting riders for fare evasion.

One Toronto cop proudly boasted of turning away more than 100 would-be TTC riders in just one hour, and when social media commenters didn't like it, the police officer vigorously defended himself in comments.

Toronto Police officer Kyriakos Papadopoulos, known to his followers as PC Pappy, called out fare evaders in his tweet, stressing that many of those turned away did indeed have cash or a Presto card on hand.

But when commenters called out the officer for his enforcement brag, let's just say Pappy got a bit snappy.

The condescending tone of the replies rubbed many the wrong way, with one commenter saying, "if I tweeted like that from my work account, I'd be fired the next day."

Another commenter told Papadopoulos to quit his job, earning another sarcastic response.

Personal injury lawyer and cycling advocate David Shellnutt tweeted, "I wonder if this cop gets this jazzed up about handing out fines to dangerous drivers or if it's just a Burlington bred hate on for people who use public transit? Ah nevermind, policing isn't the solution to road safety anyways."

Critics are using terms like "war on the poor" and calling out the apparent police focus on transit enforcement rather than ticketing motorists.

For a thread about police presence on public transit, there is a surprising amount of discussion centred around speed and traffic enforcement and how it arguably poses a much greater risk than fare evasion and random attacks.

blogTO has reached out to Papadopoulos for the opportunity to defend his comments, but the officer has yet to respond to the inquiry as of writing.

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