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Someone missed a GO train near Toronto and then dangerously hung off the side

Having to wait for the next train sucks, and while everyone has places they need to be, you're much better off getting comfortable in that transit station than risking life and limb to make it home in time for whatever you have on your schedule.

One GO passenger must have missed that memo, and in a last-ditch effort to make it home on time, clung to the outside of the train in a daring and, frankly, stupid move.

blogTO reader Shelle Papin says that on Feb. 6, she departed Toronto on a GO train and, after several stops, "this guy missed the train and decided to ride on the outside of the door between Burlington and Aldershot Go Station."

"Waiting an hour for the next train is really nothing compared to dying by falling off a moving train because of stupidity," says Papin.

The incident occurred just a few weeks after Metrolinx introduced its new policy of closing GO train doors one minute before departure in an effort to better stick to schedules.

There has been much pushback on social media since the move was implemented, but this evidence of a passenger clinging to the exterior of a train is not actually a product of the new change.

Interestingly, Burlington and Aldershot stations are not among those where train doors close early, so this rider has nobody to blame but themselves for being late.

It goes without saying that this is an unbelievably dangerous stunt, right up there with subway and train surfing.

A Metrolinx representative tells blogTO that the transit agency "is aware of this incident, and our customer protective services team is investigating this incredibly dangerous behaviour."

"There is absolutely no reason that justifies putting yourself, and potentially other people in this type of danger," said the Metrolinx representative, warning the man in the photograph that, once identified, "charges are expected to be laid against this individual."

If this exterior passenger is caught, they could face criminal charges resulting in jail time or a fine up to $10,000 — a whole lot more than the price of a Presto card tap.

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Shelle Papin

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