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Canada's new black toonie is now reselling for over $100 a roll

Would you pay more than $2 for a toonie?

Nearly two months after the Royal Canadian Mint began circulating the new black toonie honouring Queen Elizabeth, the coins are already showing up on reselling sites with jacked-up prices.

Affectionately nicknamed the goth toonie by the internet, the new coin could be considered a collector's item due to its unique design.

It features a black outer ring reminiscent of a mourning armband as a tribute to the monarch’s service to Canada during her historic 70-year reign.

Black Toonie

A special edition toonie with a black band is in honour of Queen Elizabeth II. Source: Royal Canadian Mint

Dated 2022, the Royal Canadian Mint says the design is supposed to echo the loss felt by millions of Canadians when the Queen passed.

Nearly five million coins entered circulation in late December and will start showing up in your change gradually as banks restock their $2 coin inventories, according to the Mint.

In the meantime, people are trying to capitalize on the toonie’s novelty by reselling it for over $100 a roll.

There are dozens of listings on Facebook Marketplace selling rolls of the black coin for $100 to $150 a roll, and $5 each.

These prices are a rip-off compared to how much the Mint is selling it for.

Black Toonie

A roll of special edition toonies being sold from Oshawa for $100. Source: Facebook Marketplace

Black Toonie

Another role being sold for $150 from North York. Source: Facebook Marketplace

Black Toonie

Another Facebook user has multiple rolls and selling each coin for $5. Source: Facebook Marketplace

A roll of these special toonies costs $79.95 on the official site, and they’re not even sold out.

If you’re okay with waiting, the Mint has also been hosting events in Canadian cities where people can trade their change for the black toonie.

So far, there have only been change-trading events in Ottawa and Winnipeg.

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