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People are obsessed with Canada's new goth Toonie

The Royal Canadian Mint just revealed a brand new Toonie design that looks like it could have been produced in collaboration with Hot Topic, serving up mad goth metal vibes with its black outer ring, a portrait of a dead person, and basic material composition (all metal.)

We can all thank the late, great Queen Elizabeth II for what might be the coolest coin ever to come out of Canada (aside from the glow-in-the-dark dinosaur quarters of 2012), and Twitter users for immediately giving it a hilariously apt nickname.

"I do not care about the Queen but I am here for a goth toonie," wrote one Canadian upon seeing images of the new $2 currency.

"OK that's sick, need me a goth toonie," wrote another.

"As 2022 draws to a close, the Royal Canadian Mint has issued a $2 circulation coin featuring a black outer ring to honour Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's service to Canada during her historic 70-year reign," announced the Mint on Wednesday morning.

"Dated 2022 and bearing all the design elements of a standard $2 coin, this new coin is distinguished by its black outer ring reminiscent of a mourning armband, echoing the loss felt by millions of Canadians upon the passing of their queen."

Younger people who don't exactly revere the monarchy like elder generations did before them are seeing resemblances to other things when looking at photos of the coin.

"New OVO Toonie just dropped," joked one, referring to the iconic black-and-gold of Drake's OVO brand. 

"Cool that they're doing a special toonie for the Raptors City Edition uniforms," wrote another.

Some people are calling the coin an "emo toonie," which rings kind of true when related to black eyeliner and a general state of black-hearted sorrow, but most agree that this toonie can best be described as goth, a decades-old subculture that takes inspiration from Victorian fashion, macabre works and the colour black in general.

What we can all agree on is that this toonie looks f*cking metal (metaphorically and literally, as it is composed of steel, nickel, brass and bronze.)

"The black toonie is metal af," wrote one.

"Black Toonie: F*cking Metal," wrote another. "Black Toonie for Queen Lizzy: Significantly less Metal, but we can pretend it's in mourning for all the victims of her Colonization? WHICH IS F*CKING METAL."

A lot of people are finding themselves taken aback by how much they actually like the coin, five million of which are set to enter the national distribution system laster this month.

"I regret to say, in this one instance, I do have to hand it to them," said one Twitter user of The Mint. "That coin does kinda slap."

"I will certainly think of her when I use my black toonie to buy a double double at tim hortons," joked another of Queen Elizabeth II, who passed away at the age of 96 on Sept. 8, 2022. "It's what she would have wanted."

The Mint says that these black toonies will begin appearing gradually across Canada as banks re-stock their $2 coin inventories, and that "additional volumes may be produced, depending on marketplace needs."

It's only a matter of time before we see these puppies on StockX and Grailed.

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