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Scanning your PRESTO card reveals a neat trick for Toronto commuters

PRESTO cards have a number of cool perks that come with them (including discounts on many Toronto attractions), but actually scanning the card itself might make navigating the city a touch easier.

Revealed by YouTuber TTC Realm and recently showcased by MobileSyrup, a map of the TTC subway appears when you scan your card through the Snapchat app.

You have to scan the card directly and then voila! A complete map appears with all four lines and labelled subway stops.

This could come in handy for those first-time subway travellers or when you’re on a subway car and the map sign is missing for some reason (if you can get spotty internet connection).

I admit, having it pop up on Snapchat is a little random, but maybe this would appeal to younger social media users and transit riders.

This feature might be even handier if the map could include real-time updates on delays, subway travel times or bypasses - which might just increase in the near future!

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