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Toronto ranks below Edmonton and Ottawa as best city in Canada to raise a family

If you’re raising a family or planning on having children, Canada is one of the safest countries in the world to do so. But, of course, levels of safety and family-friendliness vary across cities.

The team behind Clever Canadian studied 51 cities to determine which ones were the most family-friendly. The study was based on several factors, including population, unemployment rate, safety index, monthly household costs and income, house prices, the number of daycares and parks in a city, and daycare costs.

Whether you’re immigrating from another country or just looking to move within Canada, you might want to consider this ranking as you make up your mind.

Here are the top 10 Canadian cities ideal for raising a family.

1. Quebec City, QC

Quebec City is the most family-friendly city in the country. A recent report from states that rent in Quebec City has risen over the past year, but compared to BC and Ontario markets, it remains very affordable.

The crime and unemployment rates are low, and the daycare centres offer subsidized rates, so you won’t spend a fortune if you have little ones.

2. Ottawa, ON

Ottawa has tons of family neighbourhoods and schools. Public transport runs smoothly and reliably, with a vast network that makes having a car optional.

3. Calgary, AB

Calgary is a great balance of city life with views of nature and tons of parks and daycares. Clever Canadian notes that it’s not only safe and affordable, but it also has a lot of attractions and activities for children.

4. Vancouver, BC

Vancouver is a pretty great city to live in, period. While there are a lot of things for singles to enjoy in Vancouver, it’s also a great place for growing kids. The weather does not get extreme in the winter, and even when it rains, there are enough fun activities to partake in at indoor venues.

5. Edmonton, AB

Alberta’s capital Edmonton is the fifth largest city in Canada. Compared to other markets, Edmonton offers affordable rentals for families and a safe, scenic environment for children to flourish. It’s home to a lot of annual festivals and boasts having the second-largest mall in the world.

6. Richmond, BC

With a population of just over 230,000, Richmond makes for a wonderful, safe, and cozy city for families. For a city its size, Richmond has a ton of options for fun activities. Head to a waterpark, watch a movie, or go on a hike.

Plus, compared to Vancouver, it rains much less in Richmond, if you’re picky.

7. Toronto, ON

If exposure to everyday diversity is an important factor to you when it comes to raising a family, look no further than the melting pot of cultures that is Toronto.

You can get pretty much any food in Toronto, and there are enough things to do that you won't run out of options any time soon.

8. Montreal, QC

Visiting Montreal is always fun, but the city is also perfect to live in long-term. Home prices and rents are cheap, daycare is subsidized, and it’s visually stunning. The subway network is so extensive, you might get lost in it initially, but that only means you can get basically anywhere without shelling out dough on gas.

9. Saskatoon, SK

The largest city in Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, is rich in history and culture. For a family with many members, it’s ideal, as living and food costs are quite affordable.

10. Sherbrooke, QC

Can we just agree Quebec is a great province to raise kids, overall? Sherbrooke is an underrated city that strikes a great balance for singles and families to live in. There are museums, parks, and trails to enjoy on sunny days with your family.

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