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People are already complaining about stops on Toronto's upcoming transit line

Toronto loves complaining about infrastructure, even when it's still under construction.

Metrolinx's new Finch West Light Rail Transit (LRT) line is racing through construction with an anticipated 2023 opening, but as the line's surface stops take shape, people are already voicing concerns.

The first eight pedestrian shelters are now in place at the line's Driftwood Avenue stop, and Metrolinx plans to install a total of 116 of these weather protection structures along the line.

But as photos of the new shelters appear, it's becoming apparent that commuters will have little in the way of protection from the often unforgiving elements in this part of the world.

Metrolinx states that "these canopies will shelter commuters, provide nighttime lighting to increase safety and visibility, and include ticketing machines and route maps," though their functionality in that first category is already openly debated on social media.

"Taking transit in this city is a dehumanizing experience," says one Twitter user, while another asks the transit agency, "Did you learn nothing from the O Train? ENCLOSE SHELTERS, we get polar vortexes."

Not everyone is disappointed with the shelters, and some are calling it a clear win over the outdoor shelters on the long-delayed Eglinton Crosstown LRT.

Even if the complaints have merit, it's undoubtedly too late in the game to make any drastic changes, and Metrolinx intends to install two additional canopies at Humber College station later this month.

Transit shelter installation. Video by Metrolinx.

Installation of the first shelters comes on the heels of the first pair of electrical cabinets at the stop earlier this fall, along with the nearby Jane-Finch stop.

This critical electrical work powers lights, Presto and pass machines, cameras, and PA systems, as well as backup power in case of outages and other system monitoring purposes. A total of 29 cabinets will be installed at the line's 16 surface stops.

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