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The internet is freaking out about the high cost of living in Toronto

From housing to groceries to gas, just about every aspect of life in Toronto has gotten more expensive over the last few months.

Although it has begun a slow descent, inflation is still at a shockingly high 6.9 per cent, driving up the cost of everyday goods and services.

With lighter wallets and heavier hearts, Torontonians have taken to Twitter to express their unhappiness with the high cost of living in the city.

One user pointed out that Toronto is more unaffordable than notoriously expensive cities like New York and Los Angeles.

And London.

Although there are cheaper places to live in Ontario…

Trying to leave Toronto is a fruitless endeavour.

One user pointed out that, as with the rest of life, if something in Toronto seems too good to be true, it probably is.

With rent hitting record highs with each passing month, some residents are holding onto failed relationships for the sake of saving up.

Or being forced to.

Or trying to.

Paying an average of $2,481 every month to live in a one-bedroom condo is scarier than any monster.

But it does feel like something out of a horror movie.

Or a living hell.

Some people looked to lay blame.

While others poked fun.

The cost of living in Toronto can really be summed up with one word, though: "ridiculous."

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Kumail Raza

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