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This is what fall colours look like in Toronto right now

Fall colours in Toronto are getting closer to their peak now that mercury is dropping and the smell of pumpkin spice emanates from almost every coffee cup on your commute.

It's fall, and that means Toronto is currently obsessed with the colourful changing leaves around the city.

Fall colours are expected to peak within the coming weeks, but they're already visible in parks, ravines, and other wooded areas across Toronto.

Colour change in the Don Valley often outpaces other areas of the city, and you can already spot quite a range of colours in places like Evergreen Brickworks. The elevated trails at the east end of the property provide a great overview of changing leaves.

For something a bit more central, you can take a stroll through Trinity Bellwoods or High Park, where hues of red and orange are already apparent.

Or the bridge at Willet Park is a great vantage point.

Sometimes even just a walk down your local neighbourhood streets provides a great way to take in the seasonal scenery.

There's also plenty to see beyond the border of the 416. Parks and nature trails in surrounding municipalities offer an alternative for fall colour-seekers without having to contend with crowds.

The colours are only expected to intensify in the coming days and weeks, so be sure to check them before the temperature plummets and the colourful hues disappear for another year.

Lead photo by

George Hornaday

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