toronto building diarrhea

Toronto building appears to expel violent diarrhea from high above neighbourhood

It seems Toronto buildings just can't contain their bodily fluids.

Just a few weeks after an under-construction condo tower was caught relieving itself all over the city below, another new development has been captured with what looks (at least to the casual observer) like a severe case of the trots.

And no, buildings can't suffer from foodborne illnesses, a stomach virus, or irritable bowel syndrome, but this new rental tower under construction at the corner of Soudan and Redpath in Midtown Toronto can sure play the part.

Known as The Whitney on Redpath, the 21-storey purpose-built luxury rental tower is now approaching completion, but not before testing its water systems in a deluge of brown water on Wednesday, in a clip that looks more like a very bad bout of dysentery than a standard procedure in late-stage construction.

blogTO reached out to developer the Benvenuto Group for an official explanation of the water expulsion, and the company indeed provided some reassurance that this was not — in the words of the great Dr. Steve Brule — hot brown rain.

In the case of the Prestige at Pinnacle One Yonge, where the building was captured taking what appeared to be one of those really voluminous too-much-coffee urinations, it was actually just the 65-storey tower's water systems undergoing pre-occupancy testing.

Mitchell Abrahams, President of The Benvenuto Group, tells blogTO that, like the recent situation at the 1 Yonge site, this was indeed a test of high-pressure pump equipment.

Abrahams explains that "A fire safety consultant was on was on the roof with the mechanical people, and they did test their pressure to make sure that if the firefighters were at an upper level, they've got enough pressure to be able to fight a fire anywhere in a building."

And as for the property below, well, Benvenuto Group owns it, with Abrahams saying that the deluge fell "towards the pool deck and the driveway of 18 Brownlow, which we own."

So, luckily, no neighbouring residents have to come home to a strange brown liquid on their doorstep, though completely unrelated mysterious brown fluids can never be ruled out in this town.

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