future go transit map

Here's how the Toronto-area transit network could look in 2040

The GO Transit network is undergoing a historic expansion, but one railfan has envisioned a future system that goes well beyond the current network improvements with a vision of service stretching to far-off reaches of the region by 2040.

Justin Fan has been obsessed with transit since a young age, the Vancouverite telling blogTO, "I've been into transit ever since I was in pre-school and my parents would go out on weekend outings and ride transit."

"Ever since then I've always been fascinated with how transit works and where it can take you, and as I grew up I noted the gaps in our transit and how we are failing to meet the needs and demands of modern society," he explains.

Fan says he set out to "plug those holes through creative, yet also professional work" in crafting a detailed transit map, using future GO expansion proposals from Metrolinx and filling in gaps in the network with new stations and connections.

Despite the incredible level of detail, Fan says that the work was created over the course of a single weekend using Adobe Illustrator and Google MyMaps to plot out the routes geographically.future go transit map

The distinctive look of the map, including its visualization of service patterns, is based on New York City's iconic Vignelli maps, an aesthetic first brought to life by the late famed Italian designer Massimo Vignelli.

future go transit map

A closer look at the map shows several significant changes compared with the current GO network map.

Some of the major points include extending the Barrie line north to serve Collingwood in the west, and extending it from the current northern terminus at Allandale Waterfront in Barrie. Similarly, the connected Richmond Hill line would be extended north to Mount Albert in the east.

The map also includes the long-discussed but unbuilt Midtown GO Line, which would run on the existing Canadian Pacific Railway rail corridor. The line is depicted with branches extending to Peterborough and Bowmanville in the east and Alliston and Orangeville in the west.

Other notable revisions to the current system include extensions of Lakeshore West Line to Belleville from the current terminus in Oshawa, the Kitchener and Lakeshore Lines to London, an extension of the Stouffville Line to Old Elm, and the Milton Line extended to Uxbridge in the northeast and London in the west.

Explaining that his aspiration in life is to work in transit, Fan says that he hopes to "contribute to my goals of improving access to equitable mobility, alleviate the impacts of climate change, and ensure everyone in society has the right to get where they need to go without being constrained due to poor or expensive transportation options."

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