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Toronto just got new $2 discount stores from a popular global retail empire

A global retail empire with locations in Toronto is at it again with new stores, and prices are starting at just $2.

Miniso has been in hot water lately, having to apologize to people for representing themselves as a Japanese brand when they're in fact Chinese, so maybe the discounts are a tactic to try to win people over again.

They're calling them "Miniso 2 plus stores" on social media, with prices starting at $2 and capped around just $10.

The first downtown Toronto location for Miniso opened in 2018, though several stores had opened just outside Toronto before then. Unfortunately, not long after, concerns about bankruptcy swirled around the business.

"Don't miss out [on] the great offers of our brand upgrade celebration," reads the caption of a recent social media post from Miniso Canada.

The launch of the "brand upgrade" appears to have taken place over the weekend starting on October 1, with the "celebration" starting that day entailing special discounts and offers.

The only "active store" in Toronto offering the $2-plus deals looks to be at Scarborough Town Centre, though there should also be locations in Markville, Granville and Vaughan Mills offering the same pricing.

The store sells all kinds of home goods, beauty products, toys, electronics, stationery and more, so if you've been looking to stock up for less on anything for cheap (or maybe pick up some sweet additions for your dorm room or apartment for the new school year) now might be your chance.

With inflation on the rise and Dollarama raising their minimum prices, this so-called brand upgrade might be just what our wallets need.

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Hector Vasquez

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