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Dollarama raising prices and Canadians have hilarious new name suggestions

Dollarama has grown to become the dominant brand of dollar stores in Ontario and Quebec, the retailer constantly expanding to bring the people more questionable canned meats, off-brand cleaning products, and a whole lot of other random stuff that can only be described as unbelievably cheap.

But cheap is a relative term, and as inflation raises grocery bills across the nation, Dollarama is having to adjust its marketing language to reflect the changing times.

The retailer announced on Wednesday that it will soon be introducing products with a fixed price point of $5 or less, the company's latest fiscal statement reading, "throughout the course of Fiscal 2023, the Corporation will gradually roll out additional price points up to $5.00."

Since 2015, items on Dollarama shelves have sold for or below fixed prices of $3.50 and $4, but even in the face of the company's reported spike in net income, inflation has forced the company to raise its maximum price by a whole dollar.

But as their branding moves further away from the reality of their prices, a few people have stepped up with suggestions for a re-branding, many of which seem to better reflect the price points of the store's items.

Easily the most popular public entry, many suggested the simple addition of an 'S' in the middle of the name could be enough to correct the increasingly misleading name.

Others were a bit more on-the-nose, like "fivebuckerama" and "$3rammma," though the phoned-in name award goes to the following gem.

One seems to think we're moving in the direction of $100 stores, which currently only exist in places like Russia with its tanked ruble.

It's obviously very unlikely that Dollarama will change its name in a manner that brings attention to its price increases, but the public response is possibly a comedic way of processing the creeping dread that comes with inflation and rising living costs.

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