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What you need to know about the next Toronto municipal election 2022

The 2022 municipal election  is coming up on Oct. 24 despite requests to change the date due to Diwali. That means there's less than one month until Toronto elects its next mayor and there are some important dates and information you need to know before you cast your ballot.

On Oct. 24 more than 1.89 million eligible voters in Toronto can cast their ballot to elect one mayor, 25 councillors and 39 school board trustees across four school boards.

When and how to vote this year

First and foremost, voting cards are currently on their way to your home, having being sent out in the mail since Sept. 26.

Haven't seen any election signs on your neighbour's lawn? That's because signs and campaign offices cannot officially be opened or erected until Sept. 29.

For those who have already registered to vote through mail, the last day Toronto Elections can receive your vote is at noon on Friday, Oct. 21. More details about this process can be found on the city's website.

Two weeks before the official election date, Oct. 24, advance voting opens from Oct. 7 - Oct. 14.

There is a total of nine days to vote in-person, eight days of advance voting and one full day on the election date.

For advanced voting, there are 50 locations to cast an early ballot, two in each of the 25 wards. Voting will also take place during the Thanksgiving long weekend.

For the official date, voting will be conducted from 10 a.m. - 8 p.m. across 1,460 voting stations.

Fun fact: this is the first-time in a Toronto municipal election that mail-in voting is eligible.

Who can vote?

Eligible voters must be a Canadian citizen and at least 18-years of age, a resident in the city or a non-resident, but they or their spouse own or rent a property in the city and are not prohibited from voting under any law.

Remember to bring a piece of ID that shows your name and Toronto address when voting, remember, voting cards do not count as ID.

Students who also study in the city but don't live here full-time can also vote.

Who is running?

In this race, current mayor John Tory is looking to secure his third term and is up against more than 30 competitors including Gil Penalosa and lawyer Knia Singh.

His is appearing in just a mere two debates this election season, one with ZoomerMedia and one with the Toronto Region Board of Trade on Oct. 17.

In five wards there will be a new councillor, after Ana Bailao, Mike Layton, Michael Ford and Joe Cressy announced they wouldn’t be running again.

The City of Toronto has a website where you can find out what ward you live in and who might be your new councillor 

Get out there and vote, Toronto! 

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Jesse Milns

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