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Toronto was totally confused about the 96-gun salute for Queen Elizabeth today

Did you hear a bunch of really loud, extremely scary blasts in Toronto this afternoon? Or maybe saw plumes of smoke that looked like they were from a California wildfire?

If so, you had 100 per cent witnessed the ceremonial gun salute for Queen Elizabeth II at Queen's Park — an event which many were unaware would take place on Tuesday, as opposed to Monday, when Toronto staged a whole host of 96-themed displays to honour Her Majesty.

The salute was one of many practices the city participated in to honour the passing of the monarch, who was officially buried at King George VI Memorial Chapel in England on Tuesday.

But many people in Toronto were particularly confused about Tuesday's smoky event, especially since Monday was Canada's official Day of Mourning and almost all of the planned activities took place then.

The first wave of confusion came in around 2 p.m., when the first of 96 cannon shots were fired into the air over Canada's largest city.

These were led by the 7th Toronto Regiment.

Obviously, the shots spooked many city dwellers, who reported instances of shaking scenes and clouds of smoke. 

The 96 shots were to mark each year Her Majesty lived. Premier Doug Ford and Lieutenant Governor Elizabeth Dowdeswel were in attendance.

Some were quick to express annoyance with the firing, as it occurred mid-day in the downtown core, where thousands of people were trying to get some work done.

Thankfully, Wednesday has no scheduled Queen-mourning activities, meaning the city will hopeful stop with affairs like the 96 bell tolls at City Hall.

Or the stopping of all TTC vehicles for 96 seconds.

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