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King Charles could lead to end of British monarchy appearing on Canadian money

Canadian money could soon look a lot different but will it include King Charles III?

The recent death of Queen Elizabeth II has sparked some important and somewhat controversial debates across the nation over the last few weeks.

One of these debates still seems to be resigning in the heads of Canadians, what will our money look like next and does it include His Majesty King Charles III?

The Canadian Mint has already said the removal of Queen Elizabeth's portrait will take some time, and are currently "supporting the Government of Canada as it works to determine a new obverse design for future Canadian coins."

A recent study from the Pollara Institue found that 35 per cent of Canadians want the country to remain a constitutional monarch while 44 per cent did not and 21 per cent were unsure.

Another from the same institute found 56 per cent of Canadians said they did not think Canada should put Charles on our money, while 24 per cent said yes and 20 per cent were unsure.

Is now the time to abolish the monarchy in Canada and have our currency reflecting current-life in Canada, without any British Royal affiliation?

For some, that answer is an obvious 'yes.' But for everyone one person who agrees, there is another one who vehemently opposes it.

Just look on social media and you'll see this debate continuing to drag on.

There are definitely a ton of our other worthy-Canadians and Indigenous leaders that could be commemorated with a new coin.

And even if Canada remains a constitutional monarchy, does that mean the Royal Family has to stay on our bills?

If a country's currency is aimed to reflect said country’s strength, history and future; what does Canada's currently array of colourful bills say about us?

And it's not just Canada that is grappling with this debate, every other country under British monarchy is having important discussions on the impact of colonization and the idea of becoming a republic. 

Though this is a debate that will long draw opposing views, it appears that it's not going away anytime soon and will continue to jump into our everyday lives and conversations.

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