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Toronto police officer saves adorable bunny rabbit from potential pet-napping

A sweet little bunny was rescued and save by a Toronto Police officer after making a recent arrest.

According to a Facebook post from the Toronto Wildlife Centre (TWC), a constable brought in a baby Eastern cottontail bunny after he located the animal on a person that was being arrested.

"He had unknowingly saved the baby from being kidnapped by the individual he had apprehended! The kind officer and his partner brought her to TWC for help," read the post.

The poor baby girl was "absolutely terrified" once it came to the centre for treatment while also being thin and extremely dehydrated.

Screenshot via Toronto Wildlife Centre's Facebook.

The bunny was so stunned and nervous it didn't even try to escape or hop away - which is a common characteristic of Eastern cottontails when spooked.

A small cut was also located on the bunny's lip and her bottom teeth were severely uneven.

The team at the centre cleaned and treated the wound and provided her with many bunny-approved meals of crunchy greens and pellets. The pellets helped to wear down her teeth in attempts to make them more even.

Thankfully, the bunny's health was restored and she was soon hopping around once again.

Because of this quick recovery, the cottontail will be released back to her natural habitat any day now.

Cottontails are wild animals and are not suitable for pets, in case you were thinking of getting yourself a free new pal. It is also illegal to keep them in Ontario as they are a protected species, according to the Rabbit Rescue.

Lead photo by

Toronto Wildlife Centre

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