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Gun seized by Toronto cops looks like it's been submerged with the Titanic for 100 years

Toronto cops confiscate a lot of guns each year - almost 700 in 2020 - but their newest seizure seems to have lived a precarious life.

Posted by the Twitter account, Toronto Police Services Gun Seized #offthestreets, it appears a small revolver was recently taken off the streets, but it's in an incredibly damaged state.

The gun seems to be caked in algae or soot or extremely rusted metal. Stare at it too long and the gun gives off the illusion its previous owner tried to batter and fry it, maybe even tempura.

Posted just three hours ago, the gun has seen a bunch of social reaction, with over 800 retweets, 1,900 quote tweets and 6,700 likes and counting.

Of course, the so-called Toronto comedians have been having a field day with the image and are trying to guess where the revolver was stored.

Some joke it was taken from Davy Jones's Locker, or was found with the disappearing wreckage of the RMS Titanic, some 12,000 feet off the coast of Newfoundland.

Others said it was probably hidden and forgotten about in a rotten septic tank, tossed off into Lake Ontario or found in the rubble of Pompeii.

Many have trolled the Toronto Police for including the #offthestreets hashtag, saying it was embarrassing for the force to post the revolver in the first place.

"So glad the Spanish conquistadors can't hurt me anymore," read one reply, with another saying "great job protecting the people of Toronto from tetanus."

None the less, this revolver will stay in police custody alongside a number of other questionable firearms including a hot pink rifle.

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