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Ontario is finally making it a lot easier to renew parking permits

Renewing a parking permit in Ontario has always been a pain in the behind. But now, the province is making it quite a bit easier.

Drivers with disabilities can renew, apply or report lost or stolen permits online without having to visit an in-person facility or mailing in documents.

The province now has a full online service to obtain Accessible Parking Permits, which can also be accessed by organizations and not-for-profits supporting disabled Ontarians.

"Organizations and not-for-profits supporting disabled Ontarians can now use the time and resources they would otherwise spend applying for or renewing permits to directly support their community members,"  read a release announcing the new change.

The release also said this new online option builds on other online services like applying for a traveller's permit or motorcycle decal, requesting a change of address or renewing a permanent permit.

It's crucial for those who rely on accessible parking permits and other government-issued documents to keep them up to date to avoid fines or penalties and to ensure access to services.

There are over 700,000 accessible parking permits in use in Ontario, with 255,000 issued last year.

Accessible parking permits are available to individuals with a health condition that meets certain health requirements. Permits can be granted to individuals or company vehicles use to transport people with disabilities.

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