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A bunch of random celebrities are partying together in Muskoka right now

What happens when you mix an iconic Canadian cottage destination, a 51-year-old Bostonian actor, an iconic English soccer player and a former Toronto Maple Leafs player?

You get the strangest crew of Mark Wahlberg, David Beckham and Tie Domi partying in Muskoka.

For some reason these three have been wining and dining in the Muskoka area and we're not quite sure why.

Are they strategizing for a new fitness venture? Maybe they're filming a new movie where Wahlberg (again) plays a retired cop? Could it be they're just chilling out and enjoying the last days of August?

Either way, it seems the guys are enjoying themselves and what Muskoka has to offer.

Let's take a deep dive into a photo shared by Beckham, which pictures Wahlberg, Domi and Canadian billionaire Jamie Salter.

"Great few days in Muskoka with family and friends wow what a place and yes we laughed a lot & drank a little. THE BEST," Beckham's caption reads on the group shot.

wahlberg beckham domi muskokaBeckham also posted multiple Instagram stories showing his children relaxing on a very large boat.

walhberg beckham domi muskoka

Victoria Beckham also shared a couple photos of her own, showing her daughter Harper Seven relaxing in a hammock and posing on a tennis court.

A group shot from Posh Spice shows the entire Salter crew hanging out with the Beckhams with the caption "beautiful few days with wonderful friends."

wahlberg beckham domi muskoka

In another photo shared by Salter, Beckham, Domi and Walhberg are seen chilling on a boat with American businessman Rande Gerber, brews in hand.

Wahlberg was also just spotted at an F45 gym in Collingwood this week, but it doesn't seem Beckham or Domi joined him for the quick workout. 

Thus, the weirdest crew award cushioned by billions of dollars goes to Markie Mark, David Beckham and Tie Domi! Congrats and enjoy Muskoka.

Lead photo by

Jamie Salter

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