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Toronto is in for a disgustingly hot and sticky week of weather

Brace yourselves Toronto, this week is going to have some nasty and potentially unbearable weather.

Monday, July 18 will start off wet and humid with thunderstorms expected throughout the day. In case you couldn't already feel it, the humidity is at 100 per cent right now and the humidex is around 30.

The rain is a welcome change as the Greater Toronto Area has seen well-below average amounts of rainfall since April.

From Tuesday onward, the city will experience temperatures in and around the mid 30s, with a potential for increase.

However, the humidex will make Toronto feel like it's 38 degrees for July 19. The UV index will be very high, clocking in at around a nine, according to Environment Canada.

The Weather Network predicts the humidex will be around 40 on Tuesday.

Humidex values will continue to push muggy conditions into the city, causing temperatures to feel like the upper 30s throughout the week.

At the same time, there is a repeated chance of showers and lightning, particularly on Wednesday afternoon and into the evening.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday are expected to not have any rain, with Environment Canada predicting the weekend to be a mix of sunshine and cloud cover.

In case you aren't sure, Toronto's seasonal temperatures for July are around 25 degrees Celsius, meaning this week has the potential to be extraordinarily (and abnormally) over seasonal temps.

Of course, this trend of above average temperatures is expected to become more commonplace with climate change, and will likely continue to break temperature records.

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