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U.S. commentator slammed for suggesting that Toronto is a bad city for Black athletes

FOX sports analyst and pundit Chris Broussard is taking a lot heat from Canadian NBA fans today over some bizarre and completely unfounded comments he made about Toronto.

Broussard, 53, made the remarks in question while discussing the possibility of superstar baller Kevin Durant being traded to the Toronto Raptors during a televised FS1 sports segment on Monday.

The First Things First panel, comprised of five talking heads in total, displayed a chyron reading "Toronto a good landing spot for KD?" while Broussard delivered his controversial take.

League insiders reported last week that Durant, a 12-time NBA All-Star and two-time Finals MVP, had requested a trade from his current team, The Brooklyn Nets.

Rumours about where he might go from there have been swirlin' like Merlin ever since, piquing the interests of Phoenix Suns, Miami Heat, Brooklyn Nets and Toronto Raptors fans, among others thirsty for the 33-year-old forward to join their favourite teams.

Durant's future is unclear — or at least unreported — but Broussard made his thoughts crystal clear when talking about a potential trade for the athlete between Brooklyn and Toronto.

"Great city but... you know, it's not America, and you feel it when you're there, I'm telling you, especially as an African American," said the sports analyst, raising the eyebrows of at least one other panelist.

"It's a different situation than African Americans are used to being in," said Broussard of being in Toronto. "I've talked to people in that organization, pre-Ujiri, about 'Can they keep African American superstars there?'"

Many who are now recirculating the clip seem to have taken Broussard's comments as distinctly anti-Canadian, going so far as to accuse the TV host of being xenophobic.

"They acting like Canada is some far ass country in Europe or something I have never seen such a horrible take," wrote one commenter.

"Chris Broussard's take on the KD rumours is basically Keenan Thompson in the SNL sketch with Drake where he doesn't believe there are Black people in Canada," wrote another.

Some are pointing out that this seeming hatred of Toronto isn't unique to Broussard, but common among American sports media figures who simply can't stand that the Raptors — the league's only Canadian team — won the 2019 NBA Championship.

Canadians have long complained of feeling disrespected by U.S. sports leagues, networks and fans.

Broussard's recent comments on FOX seem to have tapped into that historic anger, prompting a torrent of tweets defending Toronto as a culturally diverse metropolis (as opposed to the kinda-sorta racist frozen tundra he seems to think it is).

Many have been noting that Toronto is far more culturally diverse than some American cities in the league, and less dangerous than some parts of the U.S. for ethnic minorities (albeit still very dangerous).

"Ya it's not America," responded one Twitter user to the clip, arguing that Toronto has "got free health care and people aren't running around freely with guns."

Some are speaking out in defense of Broussard, suggesting that he was speaking only about people who are citizens of both the U.S. and an African country... which is a bit of a stretch.

Broussard himself responded to the controversy late Tuesday, writing:

"I never said Blacks are 'treated worse in Toronto' than in America. Never! That's ridiculous. I said living there is different and 'not the same as living in America for Blacks.' Very diverse city. But just 8% Black. I love visiting Toronto. Visiting."

Broussard might want to wear an extra-large face mask the next time he visits to conceal his identity from Raptors fans; The last guy who openly insulted Toronto got booed by an entire stadium upon his return.

Our collective apologies to Goran Dragic for that — it wasn't cool, but it does accurately represent how passionate Torontonians are about defending this city's reputation, particularly in relation to The States.

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carmelodrama/FOX Sports

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